Ottoman Empireball (later the Ottoman Sultanate) was the most powerful country in the Middle East and Europe from the 16th century to the 20th, holding lands as far west as Cyrenacia and as far south as Mecca in 1936. In 1930, the Ottoman empire was rocked by the loss of land in the south and the eruption of the Najd-Shammar War in the peninsula. In 1934, he experienced a palace coup and set to enforcing law in the remaining land.

In 1939, they united their territorial lands with newly-conquered territory, Shammar, and Asir to form the Levantine Empire, a world power and one of the largest multicultural empires worldwide.

In the 2000's they returned as the far smaller Ottoman Sultanate, a major political ally of the Arab Confederation.

Ottoman Empire

The Ottoman Empire in 1936, Butterflies Not Included variant.